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The Spearman Brewers are a Pensacola,

Florida based band that plays Panhandle Blues, a rich gumbo of Pre-War Delta, Piedmont, and Country Blues, with doses of Jazz, Gospel, Hokum, Cajun, and Jug music thrown in for flavor.  In August the Spearman Brewers were named the Blues Society of Northwest Florida regional winners for solo/duo acts, and they will be competing in Memphis in January at the International Blues Challenge.


The Brewers honor the past by bringing it to the present with original compositions based on these time-enduring styles.  It's the New Old Stuff, where the bottle hits the string.


Spearman Brewers Porch Promo Shot, Photo courtesy of Chad Bryson Spearman Brewers Porch Promo Shot, Photo courtesy of Chad Bryson Spearman Brewers Porch Promo Shot, Photo courtesy of Chad Bryson

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If these guys were anymore "rootsy" you could cultivate them! Nothing but acoustic instruments here with a clean, crisp sound that is taken from those old 78's (without the scratches) and transports you to that front porch swing on a lazy afternoon. This 6-track EP is a treat for the senses and is guaranteed repeat listens.

- Marty, The Blues and Roots Music Blog


Piedmont-style blues with a distinctive gravel-infused voice, this Pensacola talent will have you asking for a second round. Six songs about drinking, women, and occasionally drinking with women that will hit the spot for fans of traditional roots music.

Nikki Hedrick, The Beachcomber




The roots band combines blues, Americana, jazz and country influences into a rich musical gumbo.

(And you’ve got to love Scott Riggs vocals, which channel Dr. John, Leon Redbone, Tom Waits and a little bit of old Root Boy Slim.) The album gets off

to a smokin’ start with the observant “The Street Where You Got Your Feet,’’ referencing a beloved New Orleans’ street scam, and the heat never lets

up. Really, good stuff.

-Troy Moon, Pensacola News Journal





     Daytona Blues Festival, Daytona Beach, FL

     Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival, Pensacola Beach, FL

     Bird Jam Festival, Pensacola, FL

     Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL

     Imogene Theatre, Milton FL

     Green Door Music Hall, Pensacola, FL

     Seville Quarter, Pensacola, FL

     Handlebar, Pensacola, FL

     Five Sisters Blues Cafe, Pensacola, FL

     Big Beach Brewing, Gulf Shores, AL

     The Groove, Brewton, AL



     Chris Thomas King, Marcia Ball, Victor Wainwright, Joe Louis Walker, Alvin Youngblood

     Hart, Tinsley Ellis, Toronzo Cannon, Paul DesLauries Band



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